Best 酒庄 for ag体育正规 Cabernet Sauvignon

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Best 酒庄 for ag体育正规 Cabernet Sauvignon

By Hana-Lee Sedgwick 2024年2月22日

如果你在做 ag体育正规 for the first time or the fifteenth, you’ll likely be tasting a lot of Cabernet Sauvignon during your visit. 赤霞珠是, 毕竟, acknowledged as the king of red grapes in 纳帕, dominating 40% of the area’s total production. With a terroir perfectly suited for growing Cabernet, 纳帕 has certainly found its sweet spot with this much loved Bordeaux grape, and the results are powerful, 深分层, and age-worthy wines showcasing notes of black fruit, 紫罗兰, 烟草, 和雪松, 举几个例子.

当然, 纳帕以赤霞珠和赤霞珠混合酒为特色的酿酒厂数量之多,足以让任何品酒师不知所措, 那么从哪里开始呢?? To help guide you, we’ve put together a list of 15 of the most famous names in 纳帕赤霞珠 welcoming visitors, along with a few lesser known wineries worth noting. 在你的酒窖里腾出点空间,因为我们觉得你要回家买几瓶新酒.

镍 & 镍
图片由 镍 & 镍

8164 St. 海伦娜 Highway, 奥克维尔, CA 94562, (707) 967-9600

Single vineyard, 100% varietal wines are the focus at 镍 & 镍, from 夏敦埃酒 to Merlot, but Cabernet Sauvignon remains the winery’s first love and continued inspiration. 从北至卡利斯托加和豪厄尔山的葡萄园到更南的橡树丘区, 每个镍 & 镍’s Cabernet wines showcase the various nuances of each vintage and vineyard, whether subtle or more apparent. Though it’ll cost you a pretty penny—$155 per person to be exact—镍 & 镍’s Terroir Tasting is a must for serious Cabernet fans, 提供难得的机会,探索八个酒厂的100%赤霞珠在南北比较品酒.

5901 Silverado Trail, 纳帕, CA 94558, (800) 575-9777

Founded in 1978 by Gary 和rus, Pine Ridge Vineyards is located in the he艺术 of the Stags Leap District, recognized for producing distinct and powerful Cabernet Sauvignon wines. 我们在ag体育正规的五个产区拥有160英亩的纳帕绿认证葡萄园, Pine Ridge crafts wine to express the special nuances of each individual site. 他们的旗舰酒, FORTIS Cabernet Sauvignon, 代表了葡萄园最好的街区,以其复杂的水果风味为特征, 豪华的口感, and age-worthy structure. Named one of the 75 Best 酒庄 to Visit in California by Food & 酒, 游客可以选择从60分钟的庄园品尝五种当前发布的葡萄酒, 或富通垂直体验,让您深入了解这款标志性葡萄酒多年来.

图片由 Elusa酒厂

400 Silverado Trail, Suite A, Calistoga, CA 94515, (707) 403-6644

Concealed within the Four Seasons Resort in Calistoga, Elusa is a boutique winery focused on producing small batch wines. 不是在他们自己的葡萄园里收获的葡萄是从四英里半径内的地方采购的, offering up a truly balanced expression of the Calistoga艾娃. Cab lovers should make a point to take p艺术 in the Evolution of Elusa, a vertical wine tasting focused exclusively on Cabernet Sauvignon. 一个有司机的庄园之旅和特色小吃陪同是这一体验的最重要的部分.

墨水年级 Tasting Pavillion, 图片由 墨水年级

699 Saint 圣海伦娜公路. 海伦娜, CA 94574, (707) 963-3553

Situated on the slopes of the 豪厄尔山AVA, 墨水年级’s vineyards have long been producing Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. Dating back to well before Prohibition, 最初的创始人塞隆·墨克(Theron Ink)是该庄园酿酒葡萄的第一个种植者, purchasing the land in 1873 and selling his first barrels of wine in 1875. Today, you can visit their tasting room in St. 海伦娜 (by appointment only) to indulge in their precise, elegant wines. During The Estate Collection, 您将品尝到豪厄尔山独家出产的四款新葡萄酒.

图片由 鸭翼葡萄园

1016 Dunaweal Lane, Calistoga, CA 94515, (707) 942-1149

鸭翼葡萄园 是里奇和卡洛琳·查普莱斯基夫妇所有,他们在1983年买下了这块25英亩的土地. From their sustainably-grown, 干栽培葡萄, the Czapleskis craft single-vineyard varietal wines and proprietary blends, each highlighting the unique characters of the terroir. Leading with the philosophy, “If you take care of the vines, the vines will take care of you,” the Czapleskis have earned much praise for their wines, 包括他们的仙粉黛(来自135年的干种植葡萄藤)和赤霞珠葡萄酒. Book a private tasting at the Calistoga winery to experience the wines in person, including the rich and full bodied Cabernet, which showcases intense fruit characters, 好的单宁, and incredible age-worthiness.

1960 St. 海伦娜 Highway, 卢瑟福, CA 94573, (707) 257-5749

比尤利葡萄园, or “BV” as it’s widely called, is recognized as one of the longest continually operating wineries in ag体育正规, 除了它作为该地区最具代表性的赤霞珠葡萄酒生产商之一的声望之外. 事实上, 许多人认为BV传奇的乔治拉图私人珍藏赤霞珠是第一款。”崇拜” Cabernet in 纳帕—a true benchmark for this iconic grape in the region. 不用说, a visit to this historic winery is a must for Cabernet aficionados, who will appreciate Cabernet-focused tasting experiences offered. Opt for the Cabernet Collector Tasting, featuring five current releases, or delve a little deeper with the Georges de Latour Legacy Experience, 这是一次更高级的体验,包括品尝这种著名葡萄酒的罕见年份.

1473 AG体育平台 Cross Road, AG体育平台, CA 94599, (707) 944-8642

You don’t have to be a wine lover to enjoy 悬崖导语——音乐, 艺术, 体系结构, 与葡萄酒相交——但严肃的品酒爱好者肯定会欣赏这家酒厂精选的限量生产的葡萄酒, the most critically-acclaimed of which are the Platinum Cabernet Sauvignons. 而当前发布的品尝可以享受在令人难以置信的风景如画的庭院, the best spot in the house is the Backstage Tasting Lounge. This comfortable indoor lounge features rotating 艺术 exhibits, such as portraits of classic rock 艺术ists, as well as access to some of the most coveted of 悬崖导语’s wines. 和, in keeping with the theme, expect rock music playing on the speakers as you savor sips of compelling Cabs.

图片由 鹿跃酒厂

6150 Silverado Trail, 纳帕, CA 94558, (707) 257-5790

As one of California’s earliest wine estates, 鹿跃酒厂 has long been a fixture in the famed Stags Leap District of ag体育正规. First established in 1893, the storied estate is dripping in history, including the castle-like Manor House, constructed in 1890 from stone quarried in a nearby hillside, and the “old stone cellar” surrounding the cave. Most of the 85 acres of estate vines are planted to Cabernet, 小回来, 和梅洛, which thrive in this region. 他们的旗舰酒, 飞跃, is a classically styled Cabernet filled with rich layers of cassis, 黑莓, 烘烤香料, 和巧克力, 还有光滑的, 轻盈的质地. If the higher end bottlings are out of your price range, try Stags’ Leap ag体育正规 Cabernet, an approachable (and more affordably priced) alternative.

图片由 圆塘邨

875 卢瑟福 Road, 卢瑟福, CA 94573, (707) 302-2575

Owned by the MacDonnell family, 圆塘邨 is a respected producer of ag体育正规 wines, p艺术icularly Cabernet Sauvignon, 以及来自ag体育正规风景如画的庄园的世界级橄榄油和醋 卢瑟福阿瓦. Known for their depth and expressive character, Round Pond’s Cabernets range in profile, 从旧世界邂逅新世界的卢瑟福庄园赤霞珠到精致的路易博韦珍藏赤霞珠. Guided tastings range in price and focus, depending on interest, but if 赤霞珠是 what you’re after, 90分钟的砾石系列品鉴会以当前和图书馆发布的这款高度分配的赤霞珠为特色,不容错过.

254 St. 圣海伦娜公路 海伦娜, CA 94574, (707) 968-3362

路易斯·米. 马提尼酒庄 was one of the first wineries in ag体育正规 after Prohibition ended, founded in 1933 by Italian immigrant, 路易斯·米. 马提尼, 他后来把这家酒庄打造成了ag体育正规最重要的赤霞珠生产商之一. After completing an extensive renovation in 2019, 路易斯·米. 马提尼酒庄继续提供世界一流的葡萄酒搭配热情好客, now in a stunningly renovated visitor center with numerous indoor and outdoor tasting spaces. Since 赤霞珠是 the speciality, expect to taste a variety of Cabernet-focused wines, 每一件都是精心挑选自马提尼庄园葡萄园的不同街区.

图片由 贝尔酒窖

6200 Washington Street, 纳帕, CA 94558, (707) 944-1673

Located in AG体育平台, 贝尔酒窖 致力于生产小批量,单克隆葡萄酒,重点是赤霞珠. Sourcing grapes from some of the most prestigious vineyards in ag体育正规, including the renowned 卢瑟福 and 阿特拉斯峰AVAs, 贝尔酒窖对纳帕红葡萄之王的热情显而易见,他们追求表达每个地点和克隆的独特特征. 赤霞珠爱好者不会想错过对他们的单一葡萄园进行教育探索的机会, single-appellation current release Cabs, or the more in-depth Cabernet tasting focused on their single-clone portfolio.

45 Enterprise Court, #6, 纳帕, CA 94558, (707) 258-8599

克罗斯比Roamann 是肖恩·麦克布莱德(Sean and Juliana McBride)和朱莉安娜·麦克布莱德(Juliana McBride)的老板,他们在2007年以一桶赤霞珠(Cabernet)创建了自己的品牌. 从那时起, the husband-and-wife duo has taken a minimally invasive approach to winemaking, ensuring every effort is made to craft wines with a true sense of place. Though they produce a few different varietals, 比如梅洛, 夏敦埃酒, 和长相思, 克罗斯比Roamann is most known for its Reserve Cabernet. Using fruit sourced from Harmony School Vineyard in Coombsville, 这款限量生产的赤霞珠(Cabernet)完全由手工压榨(在老式的手摇压榨机中),并在新的法国橡木桶中保存24个月. 由此产生的葡萄酒显示出新鲜的覆盆子,黑醋栗,香草,香料和咖啡的味道. Head to their industrial chic winery, located in 纳帕’s Crusher District just a few minutes from downtown, to enjoy a private tour, a tasting of current releases, and even samples straight from the barrel.

图片由 ag体育正规

401 St. 海伦娜 Highway South, St. 海伦娜, CA 94574, (707) 967-2626

Owned by Kathryn and Craig Hall, 大厅 has built a reputation for its Bordeaux varietals, 由来自霍尔500英亩庄园葡萄园和ag体育正规其他受人尊敬的葡萄园的葡萄制成. Their selection of Cabernet wines are much loved by critics and wine lovers alike, regularly striking the perfect balance of ripe fruit, 地球, and savory characters. 品酒师可以选择的酒庄不止一家,而是两家,这要归功于位于圣路易街和圣路易街的品酒室. 海伦娜 and 卢瑟福. The most known of the two is 大厅 St. 海伦娜, California’s first LEED® Gold Certified winery, which features a one-of-a-kind Bunny Foo-Foo statue, 随着结束 35 pieces of contemporary 艺术, an expansive lawn, and modern architectural details.

图片由 Larkmead葡萄园

100 Larkmead Lane, Calistoga, CA 94515, (707) 942-0167

占地110英亩的拉克米德庄园是ag体育正规最古老的家族财产之一, originally founded in 1895. Since purchasing the property in 1992, Cam and Kate Solari Baker have transformed Larkmead 成为今天声誉卓著的酒庄,他们继续推动这个庄园的界限. 参观这个历史悠久的酒庄包括为每位客人量身定制的个性化品尝体验, 在宁静的有盖露台上,可以俯瞰郁郁葱葱的景观场地和周围的葡萄园. 虽然拉克米德的葡萄酒品种繁多,但他们的解百纳肯定会让人满意. Revealing black fruit, 美味的香草, and crushed rock nuances, these thoughtfully crafted Cabs are powerful, yet restrained and entirely elegant.

5766 Silverado Trail, 纳帕, CA 94558, (707) 261-6410

Not to be confused with neighboring 鹿跃酒厂, Stag’s Leap 酒 Cellars is another well-known ag体育正规 winery lauded for its stellar Cabernet wines. 事实上, 这家著名的酒庄, 成立于1970年, 加州赤霞珠(Cabernet)在著名的盲品会上击败了法国赤霞珠,从而声名鹊起 1976 Judgment of Paris. Stag’s Leap 酒 Cellars’ highly rated Cabs, 比如木桶, tend to find a nice balance between rich fruit and savory notes, revealing luscious texture and length on the finish. 旅游 and tastings are offered daily at this beautiful winery, along with a selection of more elevated, culinary-focused experiences to note.

2867 St. 圣海伦娜公路. 海伦娜, CA 94574, (707) 200-2560

《AG体育平台》 was one of the first vineyards to plant Cabernet Sauvignon in the Coombsville艾娃, and because of its location in the far southern reaches of ag体育正规, its wines are influenced by volcanic soil, 凉爽的温度, and sea breezes that flow off the San Pablo Bay. 赤霞珠狂热者可以期待蓝莓和黑莓等深色水果的香气, harmoniously paired with a distinct crushed-rock minerality, 柔和的丹宁酸, and whispers of violet. 前往19世纪维多利亚时代的浮士德之家及其宁静的花园,参加一场野餐. 这个以烹饪为燃料的体验包括一场庄园葡萄酒的飞行,搭配来自豪斯厨房的美味佳肴. If you want a more in depth look at 《AG体育平台》’s wine-making process, 报名参加ACT II体验,其中包括品酒和在导游的带领下参观.